Yzma at the lab.

Yzma's Secret Lab is a secret laboratory that belongs to Yzma. It is placed in the underground of The Royal Palace and Kuzco Academy. To get in there, Yzma and Kronk go through a roller-coaster ride, one ride for the palace and other one for the academy. In the lab, there are lots of cabinets with dozens of potions, elixirs, and antidotes. Yzma always plans a strategy to defeat Kuzco. In the lab's entry, there are always two levers. One of them always makes Yzma or other person get hurt, and the other one always puts them on the coaster ride. The lab is purple in most of its area, and has suffered several makeovers in the series. Although its name is "secret lab", nearly all the major characters know about the lab.


  • The lab scenes feature a number of running gags.
    • Kronk always hurts other person, usually Yzma, pulling the wrong lever.
    • The coaster annoucer always has a different warning line before the ride.
    • Kronk is always excited in the rides, unlike Yzma, who is always serious.
    • Yzma and Kronk always high-five after each ride in the roller coaster.
    • Yzma's plan is always ridiculous or quite unrelated to Kuzco's defeat.
    • Yzma always forgets to label her potions, causing her plans to fail.
    • During the tv series, the roller coaster ride would stop for various reasons.