Pacha's two designs.
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Family Chicha (wife), Tipo, Chaca, Yupi (childrens) unnamed father
Friends Chicha, Kuzco, Kronk, Tipo, Chaca, Malina
Enemies Yzma.
First appearance The Emperor's New Groove
Last appearance Graduation Groove
Voiced by John Goodman (movies and second season of the series), Fred Tatasciore (first season of the series), Bill Farmer (video game)

Pacha is a character from ENG, KNG and ENS. He is a llama farmer, and the leader in his village. He is currently married to a worker woman called Chicha. Pacha and Chicha have three kids: Tipo & Chaca, kind twins that often argue with each other, and Yupi, a female baby.

Pacha and Chicha young

Pacha with his wife Chicha in their youth


Pacha is a good person, kind, nice and friendly. In The Emperor's New Groove, he almost is forced to leave his village because of Kuzco's "birthday present for himself". In the movie, they start a great adventure to get Kuzco back to the palace. At the end, Pacha and Kuzco become friends, and Chicha and Pacha consider Kuzco a "honorary member" of their family. Kuzco builds his summer getaway near Pacha's small house.

In the series, when Kuzco is forced to leave the palace and needs to repeat (or finally attend) the high school, Pacha offers to let him live with his family. Kuzco has no choice, so he moves into Pacha's home. Kuzco is once again selfish and conceited, which worries Chicha, but Pacha is shown to be very patient with Kuzco during the series. Despite Pacha not appears in all the episodes, Kuzco and Pacha learn some good life lessons together during the whole series.