Officer Kronk is an episode from The Emperor's New School. Yzma hopes to have Kuzco expelled by making Kronk truancy officer in charge of enforce the 'three time you're out', but Kuzco tricks him into thrice the same himself. New Kronk is blackmailed into enforcing Kuzco's own ludicrous rules, first just fun, then getting everyone incarcerated.


Kuzco shows the good things to see at Kuzco Academy, but complains how it's like a prison because of the rules against eating, music and hot tubs during class. He says he'll flip out if one more person tells him what he can't do, and Mr. Moleguaco tells him not to do exactly that.

Principal Amzy decides to use the official rules of Kuzco Academy to get rid of Kuzco as a student gets expelled if they violate an academy rule three times. And to have Kronk help, she makes him a hall monitor, outfitting him with a poncho and hat. Kronk is so happy about his new job, and plans to surprise Yzma. Not bothering to reveal herself, she sends Kronk to ticket Kuzco three times than expel him, but not before asking him to fix her some papaya pizza bits first.

Kuzco runs right into Kronk who tickets him for standing on the Emperor Kuzco mosaic tile floor. The latter compliments him on his new hat and wants one, but Kronk refuses saying it comes with the job and has to ticket anyone who breaks an academy rule. Kuzco than gets Kronk to ticket himself for standing on the mosaic tile floor. He complies, but tickets himself three times upon seeing he's still standing on it. Kronk sarcasticly asks if he's gonna blackmail him into making new rules he wants.