Letting the Balloons Go is an episode inspired from Letting the Balloons Go from Sesame Street. It's also the episode of The Emperor's New School.


Kuzco and Kronk have a balloon on a post of both their beds. Kuzco thinks they'll last forever, but Kronk explains that balloons don't last forever. Kuzco doesn't want to see them deflate, so he insists that they let the balloons go; that way the last time they see them, they'll be "fat and floaty". They let them fly out the window, and as soon as they get back into bed, Kuzco (breaking the promise he made Kronk that he'd go to sleep if they let the balloons go) asks Kronk if the balloons feel too cold up in the sky, and whether they'll end up in England (UK) (which they don't speak in a British accent). Frustrated, Kronk freaks out and throws a fit. Kuzco asks him to keep it down.