Kronk Moves In
Season 1, Episode 16
First Aired 15 July 2006
Written by Mark Seidenberg
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Clash of the Families
Kuzcogarten/Evil and Eviler

Kronk Moves In is an episode from the first season of The Emperor's New School.


Yzma blames Kronk from all her failed plans, even those which just weren't his fault, so he's fired and kicked out of the palace. When Kuzco tells him he just needs to find a friendly family like Pacha's, Kronk simply moves in with them, and proves Kuzco's worst nightmare by doing all chores fast and perfectly unlike the prince's abysmal record, so Kuzco raises and follows up on a ultimatum 'It's him or me'; Kronk feels guilty and moves out. Yzma finds her life became impossible without her actually indispensable dogsbody, so she goes asks him to return but gets run over repeatedly on the way before ending up in the same river. Now Kronk is followed by both spoiled masters into the dangerous jungle, where the now admired Kronk proves a perfect scoutmaster, even speaking every animal language...