Kronk in The Emperor's New School.
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Family Ms. Birdwell (wife), Papi (father), unnamed mother, Krank (brother)
Friends Kuzco, Malina, Yzma (formerly), Bucky
Enemies Yzma
First appearance The Emperor's New Groove
Last appearance Graduation Groove
Voiced by Patrick Warburton

Kronk Pepikrankenitz is a character from The Emperor's New Groove and The Emperor's New School, and the main character from Kronk's New Groove. He is Yzma's assistant but is a kind person, sometimes disastrous and perplexed. But he is shown to be an athletic and smart guy, one of the best students from Kuzco Academy and a great friend of the animals, since he was a boy scout. He has a great jokes repertory and is considered one of the funniest characters. Yzma many times shows signs of disapproving his work, but, deeply, she likes him. Kronk can easily make friends since he has a happy-go-lucky and funny personality. He is loved by Pacha and Chicha's kids, and by many other people. As shown in his movie, Kronk is able to give up of his girlfriend and of a big house in the hill, if this is needed to help his friends. Kronk is also a great cook, obsessed by spinach puffs, which is his best recipe. Kronk is Ms. Birdwell's husband.