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Mr. Moleguaco

Mr. Moleguaco is a teacher in Kuzco Academy. He takes Kuzco, Malina and Kronk's class. His main goal in the series is to applicate tests to make Kuzco create some humilty and respect for others. He is very short and seemed to be in the mid-age.


 Mr. Moleguaco is not a very patient person, especially with Kuzco. Although Kuzco complains about Moleguaco giving Him and his classmates a lot of homework, but in actuality, he only gives them a tiny bit. He can get infuriated easily when Kuzco insults him or does something annoying. Kuzco usually calls Moleguaco dumb, but Moleguaco is actually very clever. In the episode, "Attack Sub," he sees through all of Kuzco and Kronk's plans to get him to take a break, and after he decides he will take a break, but sends in his tough cousin, Mr. Notaempa, to send them back into line. Moleguaco has stated several times that he doesn't really care if Kuzco fails, but he doesn't want Yzma to become empress. He has romantic feelings for Mrs. Upachal

Moleguaco in the audition for the school musical

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Mr. M dressed as a monkey in the audition for the school musical