Come Fly With Me
Season 2, Episode 15 (attached to Project Poncho)
Come Fly With Me
First Aired February 4, 2008
Written by Joel Bergen
Kim Duran
Alex Muniz
Yzma's Plan Turn Kuzco into a fly and slap it.
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Air Kuzco/Kronkenitza
Citizen Kronk/The Pajama Llama Dilemma

Come Fly With Me is an episode from The Emperor's New School. It tells about Malina's bloom ball and how Kuzco ruined it and tried to fix things.

Kuzco's Introduction Line

Quote1 Hey, guys, don't miss today's show, 'cause I've got turned into a... (turns into a rabbit) No. (turns into a giraffe) Not even close. (turns into an elephant) *sigh* Just watch the show... Theme music!Quote2


Perfect gift

Kronk has the perfect gift for Malina.

It's a special day. Kuzco and Kronk are getting ready for Malina's bloom ball. Kronk is really excited about it, although Kuzco isn't the same way. The big guy has bought the perfect gift for Malina: A time-travel watch, that she could use to go back in time over and over again. Kuzco asks him where did he get that. Kronk tells him he got it on Yzma's secret lab, only to find himself saying something he shouldn't. Nervous, he tries to fix the situation and says that he didn't get it in a secret lab, but in an old store. Kuzco isn't really caring about it, and reminds Kronk that what mattered that day was him. Then, Kronk cuts off his groove, and remembers him that it's an important day for "their little Malina". He doesn't want Kuzco to ruin it and make it all about him. Kuzco claims that he never did that. Kronk refreshes his memory, and remembers what happened at Yatta's birthday party, Amzy's ceremony, and a marrige. In all occasions, Kuzco danced on a table saying "Go Kuzco, go Kuzco". Kronk says that Kuzco has a long history of ruining parties that aren't about him. He allegs that it is a sickness and advices Kuzco to just say "no". Kuzco claims he only made those parties more awesome.

At the party, Kronk is really excited. Malina's grandma is in the stage, about to introduce her granddaughter into the ball.
Kuzco ruin 1

Kuzco ruins Malina's triumphal entrance.

She shows everyone a giant flower bud, from where Malina should come out. When it opens, Kuzco is in there, much to the guest's surprise. Malina comes from behind the bud, and tells Kuzco she was supposed to come out of the flower bud. She reminds Kuzco that the party is about her. Kuzco agrees, and tells her to go ahead. Then he clicks his fingers and two big ribbons decorated with Kuzco's face pop down. Kuzco completes the phrase, saying "...with a little help from me". Later on, Malina, her mother and her grandma are at the stage, in a hat-dressing ceremony.
Kuzco ruin 2

Kuzco ruins Malina's hat-dressing ceremony.

An adorned hat dress is lowering onto Malina's head. Her mother says it was worn by Malina's mother, Malina's mother's mother, and Malina's mother's mother's father for a week when he lost his top hat. Suddenly, Kuzco invades the stage with a bat, pushes Malina, and, mistaking the hat with a piñata, begins to hit it. When it's totally destroyed, Kuzco asks where's the candy. Malina tells Kuzco that it was her hat dress, a bloom ball tradition. Kuzco says he's going to start a new tradition. He takes the plant from a vessel and "wears" it on Malina.